Medium Weight Tarpaulin

Medium Weight Tarpaulins usually range in weight from 135gsm to 145gsm that’s the reason they are called medium weight Tarpaulins. All the medium weight Tarpaulins comes with eyelets that 1-meter distance apart. Medium weight Tarpaulins are easy to carry and have long durability because of the reasonable weight they carry. There are different types of medium weight Tarpaulins like Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PE Waterproof Blue Tarp Cover, 140gsm Blue Tarpaulin Medium Weight Green Pallet Covers, and Heavy Duty Tarpaulins in size of 3*4 meters. All the above-mentioned Tarpaulins provides the same functions as water resistance, protection from UV rays, snow falling and protection from dust and wind. The usage of these medium weight Tarpaulins varies from fitting into metal heras type of fencing to different buildings to stop people peeping into our personal stuff. All the variety of 80gsm Medium Eeight Tarpaulins is present in different colours in order to meet the needs of the customers. We provide all the above mentioned medium weight Tarpaulins with a warranty card of 6 months in which grommets and ropes are not included

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