Frequently Asked Questions

We have mentioned all those questions that our customers most commonly ask from our customer service team. But if you cannot found your question below, then ask freely for customer service team for more details and information

How Long Does It Take To Deliver An Order?

The standardized time for delivering all the orders is 3-5 working days. But if our customers want next-day delivery, we can have the order within 48 hours by taking extra delivery charges. Please consider this that we do not operate on Saturday and Sunday and the demands which need next day delivery or within 48 hours delivery must be confirmed with our company through phone or on the website by 2:00 PM

Can I Ship To A Different Address?

Yes, customers can use a different address for shipping. Customers who want to deliver their order toa different address should mention their delivery address when they placed the order with us through the website or the call. We send an invoice of payment to the billing address the customer mention during the product’s order.

What Are The Delivery Charges?

Standard delivery charges are 6.99 pounds.

  • We will provide 24 and 48 hours delivery service in almost all the areas except Highlands islands, and the northern regions must call for further information
  • Items which are under 30 kg will deliver as parcels
  • Items that are above 30 kg send as pallets

All those items whose weight is more than 30 KG will charge 30 pounds more, but it also varies from location to location

Cost may also vary from location to location. If the priceof delivery charges is more than the delivery charges mentioned above, then we will tell the customers above the increased delivery charges and will not process the order until our customers have agreed to our delivery charges

What Is the Cutoff Time for Next Day Delivery

The cutoff type understood delivery is 2 PM from Monday to Friday if you want the next delivery.

Can I Track Where My Order Exactly Is?

Using the password tracking system, our company tracks all the orders and informs the customers about their tracking details.  Customers can have their tracking details by either calling 0207 097 9337 our or by just emailing info our customer service team

If you need to know the tracking details of your order, then call

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

How Do You Ensure Stock Availability?

Our company manages the inventory level both through the manual and automatic system. So if items are on backorder, which means that they are delivered late, we sent backorder a message with the expected delivery date that our customers can get through email. In this way, we facilitate our customers so that they can order with confidence, but if any case, an order is out of stock, then our customer service team will inform the status of an order to the customer either through cold or email

Our company doesn’t deliver orders in parts until our customers make a special request. If customers have placed multiple items and only one thing is auto stock, we will not process the order until all the items are in stock.  But if customers want the items in stock, then we will process the order, and out of the stock item will be dispatched late. We take extra charges for the service.

I Want To Add Or Remove Items From My Order

You can make changes in your order by adding or removing their products until we have not dispatchedthe order. For doing this contact our customer service team and the company will be happy to assist you

What Are Different Payment Options?

We accept payments through visa cards MasterCard’s maestro and American Express

Which Carrier do You Use For Delivery?

We use different carriers for delivery, like DPD TNT and FedEx. It depends upon the size of the customers’ order and delivery address

Covid19 Update

Due to the Covid-19, we have increasedthe return period to 90 days. We advise our customers that use third-party service instead of using our service because, for the time being, we are not providing the service due to an uncertain situation.Our delivery time is usually more as compared to the time in the usual case so our cost so our customers Please be patient and give us some time for delivery at least 20-30 days