Clear Tarpaulins

We mostly use clear tarps in the area where low light penetration is required. These tarps are completely waterproof are used primarily on the market stalls for side curtains or during the harsh climatic condition. These tarpaulins are also used in construction because they penetrate less light and keep the work area dry. Mostly we use clear tarpaulins, but customers are usually not satisfied with these tarpaulins’ quality. We provide six months of guarantee to our tarps, but eyelets present on the canvases are generally not protected by a manufacturer guarantee. Frequent exposure to harsh environmental conditions can destroy the quality of these clear tarpaulins. These tarps are clear as glass and also weather and UV rays proof. Mono Cover 170gsm Clear Tarpaulin is one of the most vital and sturdy tarpaulins. Moncover 170gsm tarpaulins have filament patterns. These mono cover tarpaulins are covered in LED polythene which increases their reliability. These tarps are mostly used for hay covers, vessels, and houses. 310gsm Clear Tarpaulin is used in most areas that require maximum light penetration and mostly use for the animal closure areas like poultry coups, kennels, and rabbit hutches. They are mostly used in those areas which require maximum light penetration along with protection from common harsh environmental conditions. The consistency of these tarpaulins should be the key consideration of customers

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